Parent chair

Fred Miller, 586fredmiller@gmail.com

Student chair

Cece Crandall (12)

Saaheeba Mann (10)

Why Join the Legislative Committee?

WE MAKE AN IMPACT. The motto, “Every Child. One Voice.” has a greater impact when, collectively, our RCS PTA Council speaks in unison on public education issues that impact our school district and public education throughout the state of Michigan.

WE ADVOCATE FOR OUR CHILDREN’S EDUCATION. The Legislative Committee works to inform representatives from every school within the RCS district on local, state and federal public education legislative issues. If proposed, pending or passed legislation warrants a position from the Legislative Committee, the committee will vote to approve statements, resolutions or advocacy action for discussions and passage at monthly PTA Council meetings.

WE COMMUNICATE WITH ADMINISTRATORS AND EDUCATORS. The monthly Legislative meetings are a great time for committee members to hear administration and teacher perspectives on public education issues because the RCS Superintendent as well as the Rochester Education Association President are usually in attendance.