Application for 2022-2023:

The Road to a PTSA Honor Cord

1st STOP :

Join the PTSA!

Pay your $10 here:

2nd STOP:

Choose a committee to chair:

  • Happy You Are Here Support (HYAHS)

  • Health + Wellness

  • Staff Appreciation

  • BOTB


  • Green

  • Legislative

3rd STOP:

Volunteer! Volunteer! Volunteer!

You will need 30 hours of volunteer hours during your years as a PTSA Student Leader Committee Co-Chair. The following count as service hours: general PTSA meetings, Founders Day, STEAM fair, Green school-sponsored events, Hometown Hustle, attendance of a MLK day event at RCS or other PTSA- or RCS-sponsored events.

Please use this form to submit for Honors Cord:

4th STOP:

Manage/Create a PTSA event/project/program

  • Develop a new project/idea for the PTSA Committee

  • Create an event for the PTSA Committee

  • Take the lead on an existing PTSA project/event and expand with new ideas